Blue Velvet Cake…isn’t it divine?

Hello lovelies,

We just celebrated the Mister’s 37th Birthday this week and I felt really badly about not baking him a cake from scratch. Check out this sweet little BLUE VELVET cake Robyn made over at for a friend’s baby shower.

Blue-Velvet-Cake-Recipe-dsc_9709Photo by Robyn of Add a Pinch

Who knew Blue Velvet cake was a thing? I think the Mister would just love it! We already did the whole cake/ice-cream & gift opening thing…but I’m thinking about making it for him this weekend. Do you think it’s too much?

I just pinned it to my Parties Board on Pinterest. Follow my board for some more lovely party ideas and get Robyn’s amazing recipe here.


After what feels like an eternity…

…I’ve recommitted to this here blog. There are no good reasons as to why I’ve been away so long, but all I can say is I have a need to connect. You can expect some of the same loveliness as before as well as some new thoughts on living the dream. Come on back…it should be fun!

Clean your house…leave out the toxins

Hey lovelies! I was looking around Apartment Therapy the other day and stumbled upon an old post about cleaning products.  It got me thinking about how I’m always on the hunt for the most all natural and BEST SMELLING stuff around!  I don’t know about you, but growing up, our clean house smells were Bleach, Pinesol (my mom’s favorite), and Ajax.  We all know (and if you still need convincing check this article out) that those old toxic stand by’s are extremely bad for our planet and your families’ health.  So, I’ll share my favorite natural cleaning products with you in the hopes that you’ll share yours! 



Bon Ami Powder Cleanser – I’ve been using this stuff for years and it’s our “go to” scrubbing agent for those down and dirty deep cleaning projects.  We use it on everything from getting my ugly old counter tops as white as can be, to cleaning my pampered chef  pans and scrubbing down the bathtub.  It’s been around for like 120 years or something…so you know it’s gotta be made with good for you stuff!

Seventh Generation Free and Clear is my favorite dish soap.  I love that it’s clear and free of toxins, a far cry from the bright blue Dawn brand I grew up with. 

Toilet bowl cleaner – I use a few different products for the toilet, but the one that gets used most in our bathrooms is the Green Works brand.  I’m not sure how I feel about trusting the Clorox Corporation as a green alternative to my cleaning products, but the label does clearly state there is no bleach and no phosphates in their products.  The label also lists many natural ingredients and the price is pretty awesome for a natural cleaning product.

As far as laundry detergent goes, I love the Method Fresh Air laundry detergent and usually only buy it when it’s on sale…it’s kinda pricey.  All you need is a few pumps from the eco-friendly bottle and your clothes smell amazing!  When I can’t find the Method detergent on sale at Target, my second choice is the J.R. Watkins powder laundry detergent.  This socially responsible and all natural company has been around since 1868, waaay back before phosphates were probably even invented!  I think I just made that last part up.  Anyway, you can get it at Target in the aisle where all the other natural detergents are found. For a little over $8 you can wash up to 80 loads per box!  J.R. Watkins powder laundry detergent is the cheapest all natural product I use.

And last but not least, my favorite smelling all-purpose cleaner of all time …Caldrea for Target (Olive Oil scent).  I buy the big bottle of all purpose solution and use it for almost everything; wiping down counters, the kitchen floor, in the bathroom etc.  Also available in this line at Target is dish detergent, kitchen candles and hand soap, all in my fave Olive Oil scent and in lots of other scents too!

Do you use all natural cleaning products in your home or are you thinking about making the switch?  What are your favorites?  Have you ever tried a product and really didn’t like it?

How do you plan a Bridal Shower from 900 miles away?

The answer is simple…with lots of help! My Bestie is getting married in just a little over a month and some of the most important women in her life helped to “shower” her with lots of love before she takes her vows this June. Her future sis-in-law opened up her beautiful 100 year old home in New York to 20 fabulous ladies looking to honor her!

This is the beginning of a series of posts about how the planning of a Bridal Shower from 900 miles away all went down.


What to grow this season?

This little post over at one of my favorite Green Blogs, Re-Nest, is what got me excited about the prospect of planting some cold resistant veggies right now in my Community Garden! It’s too cold yet (low 50’s) to get most herbs and veggies in the ground, but there are some that really love the cold Wisconsin soil. So I got right to prepping my little 4×8 raised bed with some “Black Gold” (aka compost) to nourish the soil before I start direct seeding hopefully some time this weekend. The familia and I have been talking about what we should grow this year and here are the contenders…

Hubby would like artichokes, Anaheim peppers and onions. Our cutie would like brussel sprouts and my picks are, spinach, radishes, romain lettuce and garlic.

I’m planning on direct seeding for the first time and I could definitely use some tips and tricks from anyone who’s tackled this before!

Here’s what I have coming in the mail from Territorial Seeds:




Photos via Re-nest blog

Who wants to go antiquing?

Hey lovelies!

Do you love finding old, beautiful things that make your home feel really special? There’s just something about sifting through aisles of other people’s old stuff at my favorite Antiques Mall that gives me such a thrill! My favorite local spot is Antiques on 2nd. I could spend hours there hoping to find some sweet vintage find to take home with me!

Besides the fact that buying vintage is so much more interesting than buying something brand new from a chain home store, its GREEN too! Not adding to the bottomless landfills just makes me happy. I don’t always find something great but here are a few lovely things I HAVE found on my antique adventures!