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They’re Isabel Toledo for Payless.  And they’re mine.


Pinterest: A place to “pin” all those lovely internet finds

Hi lovelies!  I’ve taken a looong hiatus from writing and I’ve missed it!  Well, I’m back and the first order of business is to tell you all about what’s been occupying all my time since I haven’t been blogging lately.  It’s Pinterest!  It’s my latest obsession (which we know come and go so frequently for me) and it’s what’s been filling the empty void I’ve had since I’ve stopped writing for Lovely Peony.  So my plan is to manage both this blog and my unstoppable impulse to pin everything beautiful and interesting I come across on my daily internet adventures to my Pinterest Boards.

I found Pinterest through my daily design blog reads sometime last summer.  I was invited to join as one of their first users and fell instantly in love.

So, here’s how it works:  Think virtual bulletin boards.  It’s a place where you can “pin” lovely and interesting things that you find around the internet onto your themed boards.  They call themselves, “a social catalogue service.” I think of it as design heaven!  It’s seriously my dream website. You pin images by either repinning from other boards or by adding your own pins using the “pin it”  button downloaded to your menu bar.  The social part comes into effect by “following” others’ boards that you find beautiful or interesting and likewise they can follow you!

So, enough chatter.  Create your own account and go play!

Oh, and don’t forget…

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