The Kitchen Cure

Apartment Therapy does this really cool thing every season where they invite the world to join their Kitchen Cure.  It’s a 4-week program designed to get our kitchens clean, healthy and organized.  It’s just what I need as I’m making over my kitchen this spring!

So, I’ve committed myself to the 4-weeks and my first assignment is to clean out the pantry.  I had tackled the pantry food cabinets this past weekend and I scrubbed, scraped, sanded and painted them as if my life depended on it.  I threw out about 5 bags of canned foods, spices and boxed goods…ewww!  I had cleaned out the pantry before this of course, but never this thouroughly!  The results look great, and I hope that the hubby and the cutie can help me keep it that way!

Anyway, I’m so committed to this and can’t wait until my kitchen has been cured!  Here are the before and after pics of week one’s assignment.  Btw, it’s not too late to join if anyone’s interested!  Go to the Kitchen Cure web site and sign up now!