Michelle Obama likes to Garden too!

Hey Lovelies,  sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written.  Been busy with lots of different projects this Spring.

We’ve had some really amazing weather, which meant that I was able to play in my garden a lot earlier this year!  I spent a whole weekend beautifying  my front garden and I am really happy with how it looks…and it’s not even Memorial Day yet!

I’ve only started on the main front Flower Beds, but I will eventually get to the back garden where all the fun happens …the fruits, veggies & herbs!  I’ll save that for another post but I thought you might enjoy seeing what our fabulous First Lady has done with the First Garden she’s started at her new place!

So, here’s the play by play on all that I did to make my little garden Spring ready:

1. First, I had to be sure I had all the supplies and tools I needed on hand before I got started.  There’s nothing worse than taking a trip, or two, or three (can you tell I’m speaking from experience) to the garden store because you forgot something of extreme importance, like paper garden bags, or the weeder to get rid of the HUNDREDS of dandelions that have invaded the front yard.  I made sure I had the following on hand:

  • Lots of really tall paper gardening bags
  • A hand weeder
  • My favorite gardening  tool of all time… the Martha Stewart wire hand rake (which is no longer available)
  • Plenty of my favorite black mulch…it HAS to be BLACK…any thing else is so NOT cool
  • Bags and bags of soil

2.  Second, I removed all the junk from the flower bed.  You will be amazed at how much garbage, dead leaves and other debris accumulates over just one winter!  I don’t always remove all the old mulch but this year I did, in order to replace it with a fresh layer…but I’ll get there in a sec.  Anyway, by the end of the day I had 3 huge yard bags full of junk from the front garden alone !

3.  Next, you’ll want to turn the soil ( I used a medium sized spade for this process), mix in some fresh soil and even it out with a rake.  Prior to mixing in soil, in a smaller strip of garden I have in the front next to the porch, I actually laid some weed blocker down (cutting open slits where the plants were already growing) because I had never done that before and last year the weeds were really outta control.  Then I added more soil on top of the weed blocker.

4.  The next thing to do is add the mulch in sections making sure each area is level.

5.  You’ll notice I didn’t plant anything new…it’s still too early here in Sconnie for that.  We actually just had frost this weekend and SNOW Up North!

Check out the results!

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