After finally getting my new mirrored dresser delivered to my home a few weeks ago, I’ve been focusing on redecorating our bedroom for the first time since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago.  My closest friends know how obsessed I get sometimes with certain things and I have definitely been a bit obsessed with design blogs and images of bedrooms lately.  Here are some beautiful rooms I am currently drooling over….

brown bedroom via AT

mid century modern headboard via AT

via Apartment Therapy

byrdie graphics white room blue graphics via simply hue

via simply hue

romantico from coco+kelley via simply hue

from coco+kelley via simply hue

no yes decorno bdrm

decorno bedrm orange

decorno bright pink bedroom

decorno comfy bedroom

via decorno

des gld bedlinen-giacosa

via designer’s guild

hashai blog bedroom

via hashai blog

living etc bdrm croched bedspread

I am in LOVE with this oversized eggplant crocheted bedspread…I need to find a way to replicate it on the cheap!  Anyone know how to crochet?

living etc bdrm pillows

I love the different patterned pillows!

via Living Etc.

neutral bedroom via decorology

nightshelf from Martha Stewart via decorology

from Martha Stewart Living

How ingenious is this “night shelf” for those of us with space issues?

beautiful bedding via decorology

romantic bedroom via decorology

ruffled bedding via decorology

via decorology

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