Mood Board for a Master Bedroom

My BFF has enlisted my help in decorating the Master Bedroom and eventually, the Guest Bedroom in her new Beach House on the Jersey Shore.  I was so excited and honored to be involved in the design of her new home and I jumped right in.  I started by trying to really understand the design aesthetic she was going for with the room.  She had already painted most of the rooms in the house and this particular room was painted with Glidden, Gentle Tide, which she envisions to be more of a neutral blue color. 

It all began when she fell head over heals for Ikea’s Andrea Kakel Duvet that has been discontinued for at least a year.  After a while of  searching, she finally gave up and found a similar one with a more graphic print that she liked almost as much.   


via create yourself! blog
We decided on blue and brown for accent colors.  Here is what I came up with…
Brooke's Beach House Master Bedroom

One thought on “Mood Board for a Master Bedroom

  1. My sis has that duvet cover…very cute. I’m a huge fan of them and rotate a few in my spare bedroom. It’s a really fun way to totally change the look of your room without going crazy.

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