Is Urban Outfitters growing up?

One of my favorite stores on-line and in person is Urban Outfitters.  UO  is like the cool kid who doesn’t try real hard to be cool and never really pays attention to trends but always just looks good and always has the wittiest comebacks.  Only problem is he (the cool kid) is a little young and sometimes a bit sloppy or stinky or whatever.  Or maybe not?  Maybe,  just maybe Urban Outfitters is growing up.   What do you think?


UO door knob curtain tie back

Door Knob Curtain Tie-Back


UO Jewelery Holder

Gold Jewelery Holder


UO owl door knocker

Owl Door Knocker


UO art deco shelf

Stacked Cubic Shelf


UO shower caddy

Shower Caddy


UO macrame planter

Macrame Planter

 I gotta have all of these!!! 



4 thoughts on “Is Urban Outfitters growing up?

  1. I really like what you came up with for Brook’s room – great colors!
    I also am getting that lil’ shower caddy – I think it
    would work great in my tiny b-room. However if u want
    some macrame… Just go visit my mom’s storage bins I am
    certain there’s some in there!

    • Thanks J…I thought the colors were fun and looked really great together. We’ll see what she ACTUALLY does with the room. Thanks for the macrame tip…you know I’m always looking for a bargain! Let me know when you’re mom’s next garage sale is….hahaha!

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