Etsy Love…

I recently purchased recipe cards as part of a Bridal Shower gift for my girlfriend who is actually getting married today!  I bought a griddle from her registry but decided that I had to add a personalized touch to it, because a plain ole’ griddle is just NOT my idea of a great gift for one of my best friends. 

So, I scoured Etsy for recipe cards in order to give her some of my favorite recipes to try out  on her new griddle.  I found two really beautiful sets that I loved, and couldn’t decided between them, so ,I bought one set of cards for my friend and one set for me!  I’ve been on a hunt for a set of “non-granny-ish” cards for a really long time before I thought about checking Etsy

You should also know that both sellers were really nice and easy to work with and the items arrived in the mail very quickly!  These girls are so talented and also have more than just recipe cards for sale in their Etsy Shops, so be sure to give them some Etsy Love!

I gave these to my friend

modern recipe cards

Cicada Studio


I kept these for myself


chrysanthumum recipe cards

Pink Lily Press

What about you?  Does anyone out there even use recipe cards?

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