I need a new purse…or two!

Summer is almost over (tear) but I’m still on a hunt for the perfect summer bag.  I bought a really cute one at Kohl’s (Daisy Fuentes Line) a few months ago and it pretty much busted up in like a few weeks!  It fell apart in lots of places might I add!  So, even though summer is winding down, I still need to find a replacement for the Daisy Fuentes fiasco of a bag I bought in June.  Also, all the cute fall stuff is out right now and I’ll probably need to buy a cute fall bag right away while I’m at it!  Here are some bags I love but some of these may be hazardous to my wallet:

Summer bag…

           reistarr etsy stella purse                                   urban pintuck satchel                             

              stella etsy bag                                   alloy erin satchel bag                                urban pintuck satchel

Fall bag…

Shell in brown tobacco                modcloth bag                   brown ruche bag

 ninu etsy bag  (via making it lovely)    modcloth cornerstone purse       over-sized scrunchie ruche bag

One thought on “I need a new purse…or two!

  1. Hi lovelypeony,
    Thanks for featuring our bag in your blog. Fall handbag shopping is one of my favorite things to do! Happy shopping.
    ❤ Aire

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